TOP-100 Computer Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams 2020

Computer Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams 2020: Computer Section is one of the most scoring subjects in the Competitive Exams. To help students we provide you 200 most important Computer Awareness Questions with answers for all Competitive Exams. It is Part-1 of the Series which contains 100 Most Important Computer Questions.

100 Most important Computer Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams 2020

(Q1)  What is a Computer?

Ans: Computer is an electronic device that accepts input through keyboard or mouse work inside the CPU( Central Processing Unit) & finally gives up the meaningful result on Monitor.

(Q2) Write the Full form of CPU?

Ans. Central Processing Unit

(Q3) Father of Modern Computer?

Ans. Charles Babbage

(Q5) How Many Generations of computers we have?

Ans. 5

(Q6) ‘Pentium’ is related to in Computer?

Ans. Microprocessor

(Q7) What is the protocol?

Ans. The protocol is a set of rules.

(Q7) HTTP stands for?

Ans. Hypertext Transfer Protocol

(Q8) dividing the Disk into track and sector is known as?

Ans. Formatting

(Q9) Which computer memory is used for storing Information and Programs processed by the CPU?

Ans. Internal memory

(Q10)Which software used to create a smaller file that is faster to transfer over the Internet?

Ans. Compression

(Q11) Shortcut key to close a tab on a browser?

Ans. Ctrl + W

Basic of computers- Computer Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams

(Q12) Cutting and pasting is temporarily stored in?

Ans. Clipboard

(Q13) move between two or more Excel files opened by using the shortcut key

Ans. ctrl + tab

(Q14) To open find dialog box?


(Q15) Execution of at least two different programs simultaneously,

Ans. Multiprocessing

(Q16) Write the full form of computer?

Ans.= Complete

= Obedient

= Machine

=  Processing

U = User

T =Type

= Essential

= Result

Measurement of Data – Computer awareness for bank exam

(Q17) What are the measurement of data?

Ans. Measurement of Data :-

1 Letter 1 byte
1024 byte 1KB(Kilo byte)
1024 KB 1 MB(Mega byte)
1024 MB 1GB(Gega byte)
1024 GB 1TB(Tera byte)
1024 TB 1PB(Pera byte)

Computer Awareness Special Keys

Check out the Computer Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams 2020:

(Q18) Write down some important computer keys?

Ans. Special key of the keyboard  :

  1. ~  – Tilde
  2. Esc –Escape
  3. F1-F12 –Functional key
  4. # – Hash
  5. – Star or Multiply or Asterisk
  6. ^ – Exponent
  7. & – And
  8. $ – Dollar
  9. / – Slash
  10. \ – Backslash
  11. : – colon
  12. ; – Semicolon
  13. >- Greater than
  14. < – Smaller than
  15. Ctrl – Control
  16. Alt – Alternate

Parts of Computers

(Q19) What are the Parts of the Computer?

Ans. Parts of Computer:

  • The area of Monitor is called is desktop.
  • Taskbar, below of screen where Start bottom Situated.
  • All the deleted files & folders are inside the Recycle bin.
  • All the information stored is open from My Computer.
  • Folder, where you can store your files, Pictures & Video.

(Q20) You organize files by storing them in?

Ans. Folders

(Q21)MSI stands for?

Ans. Medium Scale Integrated Circuits

 (Q22) WAN stands for?

Ans. Wide Area Network

(Q23) MICR stands for?

Ans. Magnetic Ink Character Reader

(Q24)Hardware that adds two numbers is

 Ans. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

(Q25) In a disk, the block of data is written in?

Ans. Sectors

(Q26) A CPU contains?

Ans. A Control Unit (CU) and an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

Computer awareness for bank exam

(Q27) Combination of hardware and software that used to sharing of information?

Ans. Network 

(Q28) Device is used to a shared resource in a Computer Network?

Ans. Printers 

(Q29)Which device is required for the Internet connection?

Ans. Modem 


Ans. Medium Scale Integrated Circuits


Ans. Computer-aided design

(Q32)Junk e-mail is also known as?

Ans. Spam 

(Q33)Hackers are?

Ans. Break into other people’s computers

(Q34)What type of computers are client computers in a client-server architecture system?

Ans. Microcomputer 

(Q35) A computer cannot ‘boot’ without?

Ans. Operating System

(Q36)What is an embedded system?

Ans. The computer and software system that controls the machine.

(Q37) The first page of the Website is?

Ans. Home page

(Q38) The location where data and programs stored when the processor uses them?

Ans. Main memory

Computer ROM/RAM Questions

(Q39) Main Characteristic of read-only memory (ROM)?

Ans. Read-Only Memory(ROM)  is non-volatile, that is, it remains even without electrical power.

(Q40)DMA stands for?

Ans. Direct Memory Access

(Q41)CD- ROM usually can store how much amount of data?

Ans. 680 MB

(Q42)light pen is?

Ans. Electronic Input Device.

(Q43) BCD?

Ans. Binary Coded Decimal

Computer awareness for bank exam


Ans. American Standard Code for Information Interchange

(Q46) The main component of first-generation computers was?

Ans. Vacuum Tubes and Valves

(Q47) EEPROM stands?

Ans. Electronic Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

(Q48) Name the Devices which are used to image printed text?

Ans. OCR Optical Character Reader

(Q49)Printer Quality is measured in?

Ans. Dots per inch (DPI)

(Q50) In fourth-generation computers, the instructions are executed?

Ans. Both Sequentially and Parallel

(Q51) Replace(Ctrl + H)  used for?

Ans. helps to change the word.

(Q52)Format Bar?

Ans. This option helps to change Font, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, color et

Input/Output Devices Computer Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams 2020

(Q53) What are you most likely to use when playing

Ans. Joystick

(Q54) What does a light pen contain?

Ans. Light sensitive elements

(Q55) Where would you find a magnetic strip?

Ans. Credit card

(Q56) What do the abbreviations VAB stand for?

Ans. Voice answer back

(Q57) Small dots that make up an image on the monitor known as?

Ans. Pixels

(Q58) A daisy wheel is a type of…?

Ans. Printer

(Q59) An impact printer creates characters by using…?

Ans. An inked ribbon and print head

(Q60) What would be the best way to move around a 3D environment?

Ans. Robots

(Q61)What do you need for an inkjet printer?

Ans. A cartridge

Computer Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams 2020

(Q62)You can protect a floppy disk.

Ans. Write

(Q63) Magnetic storage devices can define binary 0 by the absence of which device?

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Ans. Magnetic tape

(Q65)Magnetic tape is a..?

Ans. Serial access medium

(Q66) Name the storage device which has the largest capacity in Megabyte?


(Q67)Which bus controls the sequencing of read/write operations?

Ans. Address bus

(Q68)What maintains the status of the last operation carried out by the ALU?

Ans Instruction pointer, Status register, Accumulator

(Q69)Which computers use single-chip processors?

Ans. Cray computers

(Q70)Which computers are connected to many terminals and can multitask?

Ans. Minicomputers

(Q71)What does SSE stand for in Intel’s SSE Technology?

Ans. Streaming Shimmed Extensions

(Q72)If a computer is constantly rebooting itself, what is most commonly the problem?

Ans. Insufficient Power-Supply Unit

(Q73) What Video Card is Best Suited for 3D Games?

Ans. ATI Radon 9700 Pro

(Q74)How did the SHIFT key get its name?

Ans. It was a carry-over from typewriters that had both upper and lower case letters on each print head and used a mechanical shifting of the print head to differentiate.

Computer awareness PDF 2020

(Q75)The difference between memory and storage is that the memory is…..and storage is…..

Ans. Temporary, permanent

(Q76)Which of the device holds the ROM, CPU, RAM and expansion cards?

Ans. Motherboard

(Q77) Which of the following devices can be used to input printed text?


(Q78)Modem stands for

Ans. Modulator demodulator

(Q79)Wide area networks (WANs) always require

Ans. High bandwidth communication source link

(Q80)A large number of computers in a wide geographical area (WGA) can be connected by

Ans. Communications satellites

(Q81)Bug means

Ans. A logical error in a program

(Q82)A translator is best described as

Ans. An Application software

(Q83) Errors in Computer, displayed by the compiler?

Ans. Syntax errors

(Q84)The communication between the Central Processing Unit (CPU) , memory and Resources is called?

Ans. Bus

(Q85) The stepwise procedure used to solve a given problem is known as?

Ans. Algorithm

(Q86) WAN hardware includes

Ans. Multiplexors and routers

(Q87)A Winchester disk is a

Ans. Disk stack

(Q88)The computer follows a principle called GIGO means:

Ans. garbage in garbage out

(Q89) The term ‘baud’ is a measure of the

Ans. The speed at which data travels over the communication line

(Q90) A bootstrap is

Ans. Initialization program to start a computer

(Q91)Access time is

Ans. seek time + latency time

(Q92)Write some important shortcut keys?

Computer Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams 2020 Shortcut Keys

Ans. Some important shortcut keys :-

Ctrl + L cursor on left side
Ctrl + E cursor on center
Ctrl + J make justify
Ctrl + R cursor on right side
Ctrl + B To make Text bold
Ctrl + U To make Text Underline
Ctrl + I To make Text Italic

(Q93) What is the use of the Drop Cap option?

Ans. This option helps to make paragraph first letter capital & you can type up to 10 lines.

Important shortcut keys for Competitive Exams

(Q94)Write some important shortcut keys?

Ans. Some Shortcut Keys :

Ctrl + U Underline
Ctrl + Shift + D Double Underline
Ctrl + ] Font size Increase One point
Ctrl + [ Font size Decrease One point
Ctrl +Shift +> Font size Increase Two point
Ctrl + Shift + F To change Font
Ctrl + K To insert Hyperlink
Ctrl + B Bold(On/Off)
Ctrl + I Italic(On/Off)
Ctrl + 5 line spacing 1.5
Ctrl +2 double line spacing
Ctrl + 1 single line spacing
Ctrl + Shift + A To make letters small and capital
F7 To check Spelling & Grammar
Shift F7 To find Thesaurus

(Q95)What is Mail Merge Wizard?

Ans. This option helps to draft to the letter, Invitation, Vacation Information to many people, many emails to many pages.

The Various version of windows

(Q96)  Write the old version of windows?

Program    Launched Year
Windows 3.1 1993 A.D.
Windows 95 1995 A.D
Windows 98   1998 A.D.
Windows Millennium 2000 A.D.
Windows 2000  2000 A.D.
Windows XP  2000 A.D.
Windows Vista  2007 A.D.

(Q97) What is Pen Drive?

Ans.  This is made of chips, where you can store 32 GB of Data.

(Q98) What is the use of Format Bar?

Ans. This option helps to change Font, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, color, etc.

(Q99) What is MS Word?

Ans. This is the advance word processing base program, where you can design the Books, Magazine, Type Thesis & make reports.

(Q100) What is the use of Page Setup?

Ans. This option helps to set the page orientation & page Margin.

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