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Foreign Words: If you are aspiring to sit for any Govt exam this year, you need to start preparing right now. As you know the competition is really very tough. So you need to prepare in a proper manner in order to succeed in Exams.Before Preparing for any exam, it is important to know which type of exam you are preparing for. You should have complete knowledge about the Question pattern and the Selection Procedure.

English Section is one of the most important topics for all competitive exams. So start preparing right now and leads ahead of millions of students. In this article, we are covering the Foreign Words, best words in english, english words. best words in english is one of the most important topics for exams. We have also provided a best words in english dictionary pdf for the candidate’s reference. So candidates can download our best words in english dictionary list for their preparation to score more marks in Foreign Words, best words in english dictionary, english words related questions.

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Foreign Words: best words in english dictionary

BonafideReal, In good faith, genuine, unalloyed
An intraFrom within
Alter egoOne’s second self, a  very close friend
Magnum opusA great work
Prima facieOn the first view
In cameraIn a private room
Ab initiaFrom the beginning
Pro rataIn proportion
Ad finemTo the very end
In totoEntirely, totality
Ad hocFor a special purpose
Ad infinitumWithout end
Ad libitumAt pleasure
Caveat emptorLet the buyer beware
Curriculum vitaeResume
Ex officioBy virtue of ones post
In memoriamIn memory of
Lingua francaCommon language
Mea culpaMy sin, my guilt
Modus operandiMethod
Modus vevendiWay of life
PaterfamiliasThe father of a family
Quid pro quoA favour in exchange of a favour barter
Status quoCurrent situation
Vox populiVoice of the people
KitschOf poor quality
WaltzA ballroom dance done with extreme grace and smoothness
Hinter landRural area, region away from urban area
AugstAnxiety, apprehension or insecurity
Avant gardeRadically new or original
CoupIllegal change of government by force
Bon voyageHappy journey
Tete-a-teteA pvt conversation b/w two people
Vis-à-visAs compared with
Déjà vuFeeling of having experienced something new already
Faux pasA blunder done in a social context
Haute coutureHigh class dressing
Joie de vivreJoy of life, enjoyment of life
Nouveau richeDerogatory term for one turned rich overnight
Sonnet14 line poem
best words in english dictionary

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Some other Important Foreign Words: english words

Hasta la vistaFarewell, goodbye
CantinaBar, a wine shop
DesperadoOne who does foolish, risky and criminal activities
BravodoFalse bravery
AfficionadoEnthusiastic admirer
Che sara saraWhat will be will be
best words in english dictionary, english words

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