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Important Vocabulary for Exams: If you are aspiring to sit for any Govt exam this year, you need to start preparing right now. As you know the competition is really very tough. So you need to prepare in a proper manner in order to succeed in Exams. Before Preparing for any exam, it is important to know which type of exam you are preparing for. You should have complete knowledge about the Question pattern and the Selection Procedure.

English Section is one of the most important topics for all competitive exams. So start preparing right now and leads ahead of millions of students. In this article, we are covering the Important Vocabulary from The Hindu The Indian Express. It is one of the most important topics for exams. We have also provided a pdf of Important Vocabulary for Exams for the candidate’s reference. So candidates can download our list for their preparation to score more marks in Important Vocabulary from The Hindu The Indian Express related questions.

उत्तर प्रदेश ई-साथी पोर्टल

The PDF download link for Important Vocabulary for Exams is given below.

Important Word-Meaning for Exams

DrowningTo die by being underwater to long
ConsciousnessThe condition of being conscious
BereavedSad because of family member has died
FudgedTo fail to deal with in a  direct way
FaltersTo being to fail
GlaringVery obvious or noticeable
AmnestyA decision that a group of people will not be punished
UsherA person who leads people to their seats in a theatre or wedding
AlbeitEven though
EmbracingTo hold someone in your arms as a way of expressing love

Important Vocabulary for Exams

ErodedTo gradually destroy
PerceivedTo notice
DecadenceBehaviour that shows low morals
EliteThe most successful and powerful group of people
RationaleTo reason or explanation for something
ManoeuvreTo love or admire
AdoringTo love or admiring
ShroudA cloth that is used to wrap a dead body


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