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HDFC Bank is the Largest Private Sector Bank in India in 2020. Housing development Finance Corporation Providing services for a period of last more than 25 years is the largest and best private sector bank in India in terms of Assets and Market capitalization.


HDFC Bank Tagline

The HDFC Bank Tagline is: We Understand your world

HDFC is the best bank in India and holds a top 60th Position in most valuable brands list 2020. In 2016 HDFC became Best Performer Bank.

HDFC has More than 5,350 Branches, 14,543 of ATMs spread all over the country.

Type: Private Sector Bank

Founded: 1994

Founder: Late. Mr. H.T.Parekh

Industry: Banking and Financial Services

Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra  India

HDFC Bank Tagline: We Understand your world is the HDFC Bank Tagline

COVID-19 Coronavirus: HDFC bank Reduces Banking Hours 10 A.M to 2 P.M

Due to Novel Coronavirus, HDFC bank requested to customers use cheque and Net banking services to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

HDFC Bank and Some Other banks like ICICI Bank changed its Banking Hours from 10 A.M to 2 P.M.

Private Sector Banks such as HDFC, ICICI Bank asked customers to use Online Transactions and they reduced their staff as a precautionary measure against Coronavirus.

Services Suspended Passbook updating and Foreign Currency temporary Basis.

Customers can Pay the bills and their utility through UPI and Payment Techniques Platform.

Services and Products

HDFC Bank provides various services and products including:

  • Wholesale Banking
  • Retail banking
  • Personal Loans
  • Property Loans
  • Credit card
  • Debit Card
  • Online Banking etc.
  • Premium Banking

HDFC Saving Account

  • Saving Max Account
  • Regular Saving Account
  • Women’s Saving Account
  • Kid’s Advantage Account
  • Senior Citizen Account
  • Family Saving Group Account
  • Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account
  • Institutional Saving Account
  • BSBDA Small Account
  • Current Bank Account

HDFC Current Account

HDFC Bank Current account to serve the different business needs, it does not limit the number of transactions in a day and money withdrawal easily.

Private Sector Banks in India

HDFC bank customer care number

HDFC Bank Customer care services –  Customers can access  Accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, Demat Account and Investment Services by calling on a Number with STD Code of respective place – 61606161

Banking Awareness Related terms

(i)                Repo rate:

Reserve Bank of India takes some interest from the bank when it provides a loan to the bank for a short term period i.e. 1 to 90 days, this Rate percentage is known as Repo Rate.

(ii)             Reverse Repo Rate:

Reserve bank of India provides some percentage of interest to the bank when any Bank deposit money in RBI, Known as Reverse Repo Rate.

(iii)            Statutory Liquidity Ratio SLR

In the form of Gold + cash+ Bonds + Securities etc. Every bank has to maintain a certain percentage of the total deposit with themselves at the end of business days, Known as SLR.

(iv)            Cash Reserve Ratio CRR

In the form of Cash + Net Demand + Time liabilities, every bank has to maintain a certain percentage with Reserve Bank of India, known as Cash reserve ratio (CRR).

(v)              Bank Rate

 The rate through which Reserve Bank of India charges a certain percentage for providing money to other banks without any security for a long period for 90 days.

(vi)            Marginal Standing facility

Marginal Standing Facility is the rate through which banks can borrow funds for a short period- Overnight basis.

(vii)         Retail Banking

Retail banking also known as Consumer Banking or Personal Banking in which direct dealing with customers is done. It is a visible face of a bank to the customer.

(viii)       Scheduled Bank

Schedule Banks which are included in the second schedule of Reserve bank of India Act 1934. These banks are fulfilling certain conditions:

  • Paid-up capital and collected funds should be not less than Rs. 5 lakh.
  • Any activity of the bank should not adversely affect the interests of the customers.

(ix)            Non Performing Assets

Non Performing asset of a bank is the assets which are not producing any income.

Non-performing assets classify as any:

  • Commercial loans: Overdue more than 90 days and
  • Customers loans: Overdue more than 180 days.

(x)              Cheque

A cheque is an unconditional order addressed to the banker, signed by the person who has deposited money with a banker, requesting him to pay on demand a certain sum of money only to the order of the certain person or to the bearer of the instrument.

What is HDFC Bank Toll-Free No.?

The HDFC Bank Toll Free No. is 1800-267-6161

What are HDFC Bank all Toll-Free numbers?

18002676161(Phone Banking)
1800-266-4060 (Customer Grievance Redressal Desk-Banking Products)
1800-266-4332 ( for HDFC bank/credit card/Fraud Transaction)
1800-267-1006 (mutual fund)
1800 270 3333 (Balance inquiry missed call No.)
1800 258 6161 (Report credit card /debit card /net banking transactions not done by you)
1800 224 060 (Grievance Redressal Desk)
1800 258 3838 (Complaint Query)

China’s Central Banks buys what percent stake in HDFC Bank?

China’s central bank buys 1% stake in HDFC. HDFC shares fell nearly 40 % this year from a high of Rs 2,493 to a low of Rs 1,499 till April 2nd week.

Whic bank has recently buys stake in HDFC bank?

China’s central bank or Peoples Bank of China.

What is the HDFC Bank Home Loan Interest Rate?

HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate is from 8.00% to 9.60% Processing Fee payable to HDFC is Upto Rs. 10,000.

How can I check my HDFC credit card statement in 2020?

You can check your statements for HDFC Credit Card by following these steps:
1: Click the NetBanking button on the home page of HDFC Bank & click on the LOGIN button.
2: Click on Continue
3: Enter your Customer ID and password and click on continue
4: Click on the link ‘Register New Card’
5: Enter your Credit Card no, expiry date and ATM PIN
6: Click on ‘Submit’
After these steps, HDFC credit card statement will generate.

Which is the best credit card in HDFC?

The best credit cards from HDFC are; Diners Club Black Card, Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World Card, Jet Privilege Diners Card etc.

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Last Updated: July 7,2020 12:00:28 AM

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