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MHT CET Exam Date 2020: Maharashtra government will soon publish the MHT CET Exam Date 2020. The state CET cell is in the process of declaring the entrance exam MH CET Exam Date 2020 for admission to engineering, pharmacy, hotel management, architecture, etc. Maha CET 2020 date of exam announced soon.

Candidates will be informed of the Mh CET exam date 2020 dates through offline mode. Candidates can make use of this time duration to prepare well for the Maha CET 2020 Exam. mhcet Admit card will be announced after announcememt of final exam date on cet official website.

It is necessary that all the concerned candidates have to know about the details of the MH CET Exam Date 2020, mhcet Admit card. It is essential that candidates get well known with the Exam Dates correctly to follow up with the Maha CET 2020 Exam. Candidates will have to look up the cet official website of the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra to know the MH CET Exam Date 2020. By the results of the Maha CET Exam 2020 being good, it will be easy for the candidates to get into various government and private colleges in Maharashtra state. Candidates can make use of this period to train themselves well with the CET Syllabus and exam pattern of the MH CET Exam 2020 and score good marks in the Maha CET 2020 Exam.

Check here – MHT CET 2020 Exam Date (link to be activated)

mhcet Syllabus 2020

Maha CET 2020 syllabus program has been published by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, on the official website of Maharastra through an official notification.

The mhcet Syllabus 2020 will cover 4 subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology. The questions in Maha CET will be based on the exam pattern syllabus of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Secondary Education (MSBSSE).

MH CET Exam Pattern



No of MCQs based on

Marks per question

Total Marks

Duration in Minutes

Class XI

Class XII



















Biology (Botany)

Biology (Zoology)








Mh CET Syllabus (Class XI) 

Mh CET Syllabus For Mathematics  

  1. Trigonometric functions,
  2. Trigonometric functions of Compound Angles,
  3. Factorization Formulae,
  4. Straight Line, Circle, and Conics,
  5. Sets,
  6. Relations and Functions,
  7. Probability,
  8. Sequences,

Mh CET Syllabus For Physics 

  1. Measurements,
  2. Scalars,
  3. and Vectors,
  4. Force,
  5. Friction in solids and liquids,
  6. Refraction of Light,
  7. Ray optics,
  8. Magnetic effect of electric current,

Mh CET Syllabus For Chemistry 

  1. basic concepts of chemistry,
  2. States of Matter: Gases and liquids,
  3. Redox reaction,
  4. Surface chemistry,
  5. Nature of chemical bond,
  6. Hydrogen,
  7. s-Block elements,
  8. Basic principles and
  9. techniques in organic chemistry,

Mh CET Syllabus For Biology (Botany) 

  1. Diversity in organisms,
  2. Biochemistry of cell,
  3. Plant Water Relations,
  4. Mineral Nutrition,
  5. Plant Growth and Development.

Mh CET Syllabus For (Zoology) 

  1. Organization of Cell,
  2. Animal tissues,
  3. Human Nutrition,
  4. Human Respiration.

MHT CET Exam Syllabus 2020 (Class XII)

Mh CET Syllabus For Mathematics 

  1. Mathematical Logic,
  2. Matrices,
  3. Trigonometric functions,
  4. Pair of straight lines,
  5. Circle, Conics,
  6. Vectors,
  7. Three-dimensional geometry,
  8. Line,
  9. Plane,
  10. Linear programming problems,
  11. Continuity,
  12. Differentiation,
  13. Application of derivative,
  14. Integration,
  15. Applications of definite integral,
  16. Differential equation,
  17. Statistics,
  18. Probability distribution,
  19. Bernoulli trials
  20. Binomial distribution

Mh CET Syllabus For Physics

  1. Circular motion,
  2. Gravitation,
  3. Rotational motion,
  4. Oscillations,
  5. Elasticity,
  6. Surface tension,
  7. Wave motion,
  8. Stationary waves,
  9. Kinetic theory,
  10. Wave theory,
  11. Interference and diffraction,
  12. Electrostatics,
  13. Current electricity,
  14. Magnetic effects of electric current,
  15. Magnetism,
  16. Electromagnetic inductions,
  17. Electrons and Photons,
  18. Atoms,
  19. Molecules and Nuclei,
  20. Semiconductors,
  21. Communication systems.

Mh CET Syllabus For Chemistry 

  1. Solid State,
  2. Solutions and colligative properties,
  3. Chemical Thermodynamics and energetic,
  4. Electrochemistry,
  5. Chemical Kinetics,
  6. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements,
  7. p-Block Elements,
  8. d and f Block Elements,
  9. Coordination Compounds,
  10. Halogen derivatives of alkanes (and arenes),
  11. Alcohols,
  12. Phenols and Ethers,
  13. Aldehydes,
  14. Ketones and Carboxylic Acids,
  15. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen,
  16. Biomolecules,
  17. Polymers,
  18. Chemistry in Everyday Life.

Mh CET Syllabus For Biology (Botany) 

  1. Genetic Basis of Inheritance, 
  2. Gene: its nature, expression, and regulation, 
  3. Biotechnology: Process and Application, 
  4. Enhancement in Food Production,
  5. Microbes in Human Welfare,
  6. Photosynthesis, 
  7. Respiration,
  8. Reproduction in Plants, 
  9. Organisms and Environment -I. 

Maha CET Exam Syllabus For Biology (Zoology) 

  1. Origin and the Evolution of Life, 
  2. Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance, 
  3. Genetic Engineering and Genomics,
  4. Human Health and Diseases, 
  5. Animal Husbandry, 
  6. Circulation,
  7. Excretion and osmoregulation, 
  8. Control and Co-ordination, 
  9. Human Reproduction, 
  10. Organisms and Environment-II

Recommended Books for MHT CET 2020

Books for Physics

  1. Objective Physics MHT CET – R.P Biradar, S.J Chandele
  2. Physics MHT CET – A.J Rajput
  3. MHT CET Prep Guide Physics – M.K Dikshit

Books for Chemistry

  1. MHT CET Chemistry – Navneet
  2. Chemistry MHT CET – Mayur Mehta, Chitra Joshi
  3. MHT CET Prep Guide Chemistry – Arihant Experts

Books for Maths

  1. Mathematics MHT CET – Hemant G. Ainapure
  2. MHT CET Prep Guide Mathematics – Arihant Experts
  3. Navneet MHT CET Mathematics (Part 1 and Part 2) – Navneet

Books for Biology

  1. Objective MHT CET Biology – Nikhil M. Srivastava
  2. MHT CET prep guide Biology – Arihant Experts
  3. Biology MHT CET  – Dr. K. Shankaran, Devki Rama Devi

Important Dates 2020 – FAQ

When will State Common Entrance Test Cell, Mumbai, release the application form of MHT CET 2020?

MHT CET 2020 application forms were released by the cell on January 7, 2020, online. Interested candidates were allowed to apply for the exam on the official website.

When can I download MHTCET admit card 2020?

MHT CET 2020 admit card release date has been postponed by the common entrance test cell. The new dates will be announced later.

What are the passing marks for CET?

Candidates must have passed Diploma in Engineering and secured a minimum of 50 % marks in aggregate (for General category) and at least 45% aggregate marks (for reserved/ backward category/ Persons with Disability) belonging to Maharashtra State only.

When will I receive the MHT CET 2020 Admit Card?

Candidate can download your MHT CET admit card from the official website of DTE Maharashtra once the dates are announced.

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