50 Most Repeated Idioms And Phrases in SSC and Bank exams…..

Most Repeated Idioms And Phrases in SSC and Bank exams: If you are aspiring to sit for any Govt exam this year, you need to start preparing right now.

As you know the competition is really very tough. So you need to prepare in a proper manner in order to succeed in Exams.

Before Preparing for any exam, it is important to know which type of exam you are preparing for. You should have complete knowledge about the Question pattern and the Selection Procedure.

Most Repeated Idioms And Phrases in SSC and Bank exams

General Awareness Section is one of the most important topics for all competitive exams. So start preparing right now and leads ahead of millions of students.

In this article, we are covering the Most Repeated Idioms And Phrases in SSC and Bank exams It is one of the most important topics for exams.

We have also provided a pdf of Most Repeated Idioms And Phrases in SSC and Bank exams for the candidate’s reference.

So candidates can download our list for their preparation to score more marks in Most Repeated Idioms And Phrases in SSC and Bank exams, related questions.

The PDF download link for Most Repeated Idioms And Phrases in SSC and Bank exams is given below.

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Idioms And Phrases asked in SSC Exams

To meet one’s waterlooTo meet one’s defeat
To have several irons in the fireSo many engagement at a time
Lay bareExpose
To die a dogs deathUnheroic death, dishonourable death
To play ducks and drakesTo squader money
A cry in the wildernessOne who express an unpopular opinion or idea
To have one’s heart in the right placeTo be kind
To bury the hatchetTo make peace
Cut the Gordian knotPerform a difficult task
To set thames on fireTo do something impossible
To be at the end of one’s tetherHaving no strength or patience left

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Never take up a fool’s errandA useless undertaking
Pulled a long faceTo look disappointed
Fair playNo cheating
Fair and squareHonest
In the family wayPregnant
Curry favourTo seek favourable attention
To cut a sorry figureTo be ridiculed
Burnt my fingersIncur loss of property
Lions shareThe larger part
Ended in smokeTo give no practical result

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Hanky-PankyImproper behaviour, mischief subterfuge, jugglery
Hazy ideasCloudy, confused, foggy
Hot headHot spur, one who is very rash
Have- a- goTo try to do something, make an attempt
Not mince one’s wordsChoose them carefully
Mincing wordsNot clearly
Frame a personMake him appear guilty
A pipe dreamFanciful hope, an impracticable dream
Fall flatFail to win appreciation
Be in the mireBe in difficulties

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Idioms And Phrases asked in Bank Exams

Let onReveal
Make upReconcile
To get alongTo manage to
Make too much ofOverestimate
Will of the wispSomething that is impossible to get or achieve, vanish
To give/ get the birdTo get the awaited
Stem fromOriginate
To cast pearls before a swinePresent something valuable to one who does not recognize it’s worth/  To offer a person a thing which he cannot appreciate
To bring one’s eggs to a bad marketTo show one’s talents before an audience which is incapable of appreciating them


To take the bulls by the hornsTo deal decisively with a difficult or dangerous situation
To take with a grain of saltTo take with some reservation
Pros and consFor and against a thing
To take the wind out of another’s sailsTo make something feel less confident, usually by saying or doing something unexpected
Hard pressedIn difficulties
To cool one’s heelsTo be kept waiting for some time

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