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International Organization Full-Form And Foundation Year

  • W.H.O- World Health Organization- 1948
  • W.T.O- World Trade Organization- 1995
  • W.I.P.O- World Intellectual Property Organization- 1967
  • W.M.O- World Meteorological Organization- 1950
  • W.T.O- World Tourism Organization
  • W.C.O- World Customs Organization
  • I.L.O- International labor organization- 1919
  • I.S.O- International Standardisation Organisation 1947
  • I.C.R.C- International Committee for the red cross- 1863
  • I.M.O- International Maritime organization- 1948
  • I.C.A.N- international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons- 2007
  • U.N.C.T.A.D- United Nations conference on trade and development- 1964
  • U.N.H.C.R- United Nations high commissioner for refugees- 1950
  • O.P.E.C- Organization of the Petroleum Exporting countries- 1960
  • I.A.E.A- International Atomic Energy Agency- 1957
  • U.N.I.D.O- United Nations Industrial Development Organization- 1966
  • A.M- Amnesty International- 1961
  • C.W.N- Common Wealth of Nations- 1931
  • C.W.T.O- Common Wealth Telecommunication Organization- 1948
  • O.E.C.D- Organisation for Economic co-operational and development- 1961
  • U.N.E.S.C.O- United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization- 1945
  •  U.N.O- United Nations organization- 1945
  • U.N.I.C.E.F- United Nations International Children Emergency Fund- 1946
  • U.N.D.P- United Nations Development Program- 1966
  • U.N.F.P.A- United Nations fund for Population Activity- 1969
  • W.F.P- World Food Program- 1961
  • F.A.O- Food And Agriculture organization- 1945
  • I.C.J- International Court of Justice-1945
  • N.A.T.O- North Atlantic treaty organization-1949
  • S.A.A.R.C- South Asian association for regional cooperation-1985
  • A.S.E.A.N- Association of south-east Asian Nations-1967
  • A.P.E.C- Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation-1989
  • A.D.B – Asian Development Bank, Manilaa Philipins – 1966

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