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RBI Governor from 1935 to 2020, Download PDF, GA for Exams 2020

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List of RBI Governor from 1935 to 2020: If you are aspiring to sit for any Govt exam this year, you need to start preparing right now. As you know the competition is really very tough. So you need to prepare in a proper manner in order to succeed in Exams. Before Preparing for any exam, it is important to know which type of exam you are preparing for. You should have complete knowledge about the Question pattern and the Selection Procedure.

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Governor of RBI is one of the most important topics for all competitive exams. So start preparing right now and leads ahead of millions of students. In this article, we are covering the List of RBI Governors from 1935 to 2020. It is one of the most important topics for exams. Candidates are advised to check Free study material for exams.

We have also provided a pdf of Governor of RBI for the candidate’s reference. So candidates can download our list of Governor of RBI for their preparation to score more marks in RBI Governors related questions. The PDF download link for List of RBI Governors from 1935 to 2020 is given below.

List of RBI Governors from 1935 to 2020

RBI governersDate
Sir Osborne smith1 April 1935 to 30 June 1937
Sir James braid taylor1 July 1937 to 17 February 1943
Sir C. D. Deshmukh11 August 1943 to 30 June 1949
Sir Benegal rama rau1 July 1949 to 14 January 1957
K. G. Ambegaonkar14 February 1957 to 28 February 1957
H. V. R. Iyengar1 March 1957 to 28 Febraury 1962
P. C. Bhattacharya1 March 1962 to 30 June 1967
L. K. Jha1 July 1967 to 3May  1970
B. N. Adarkar4 May 1970 to 15 June 1970
S. Jagannathan16 June 1970 to 19 May 1975
N. C. Sen gupta19 May 1975 to 19 August 1975
K .r. Puri20 August 1975 to 2 May 1977
M. Narasimham2 May 1977 to 30 November 1977
Dr. I. G. Patel1 December 1977 to 15 September 1982
Dr. Manmohan singhSeptember 1982 to 14 January 1985
A ghosh15 January 1985 to February 1985
R.n. malhotra4 February 1985 to 22 December 1990
S. Venkitaramanam22 December 1990 to 21 December 1992
Dr. C. Rangarajan22 December 1992 to 21 November 1997
Dr. Bimal jalan22 November 1997 to 6 September 2003
Dr. Y. V. Reddy6 September 2003 to 5 September 2008
Dr. D. Subbarao6 September 2008 to 3 September 2013
Dr. Raghuram g. Rajan24 September 2013 to 3 September 2016
Urjit patel3 September 2016 to 10 December 2018
Shaktikanta das12 December 2018 to Present
List of RBI Governors from 1935 to 2020

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Who is the Present RBI Governor?

Shaktikanta das is the Current RBI Governor.

Who was the first RBI Governor?

Sir Osborne smith

Who was the first Indian RBI Governor?

Sir C. D. Deshmukh

Who is the 25th RBI Governor?

Shaktikanta Das is the 25th RBI Governor.

Who is Raghuram Rajan?

Raghuram Govindarajan is an Indian economist and Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
From September 2013 to September 2016 he was the 23rd Governor of the RBI.
He was Chief Economist and Director of Research at the International Monetary Fund Between 2003 and 2006. In 2015, during his tenure at RBI, he became the Vice-Chairman of the Bank for International Settlements.

Who appoints RBI Governor?

Governor is appointed by President of India.

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