Zoom Video Conferencing App, Update for Security Enhancements, GCM Encryption

Zoom Video Conferencing App: Video conferencing provider Zoom Aims to strengthen the encryption of video calls hosted by paying clients and institutions such as schools, but not by users of its free consumer accounts, a company official said. The support for enhanced GCM encryption was added with Zoom 5.0 in April and this will be implemented system-wide from May 30.

With Zoom 5.0 new update, support for AES 256-bit GCM encryption was added. 256-bit encryption is much stronger than 128-bit as a bigger key size. It has a higher chance of remaining secure. This means that if someone were to attempt to hack encrypted data, AES 256-bit encrypted data would take significantly longer to crack. A new icon which is green in color (encryption shield icon) will also be visible from 30, May 2020 indicating that enhanced GCM encryption is enabled.

Ministry of Home Affairs MHA has earlier stated that ZOOM Video Conferencing App is not safe. The Document is released by the government of India Cyber Coordination Centre (CyCord). CERT-India Computer Emergency Response Team of India issued guidelines to use Video Conferencing Zoom app.

US- Based Zoom Video Conferencing App

The Us-Based Zoom App can be easily hacked and stolen of confidential and secret data. While the MHA asked the organization not to use any 3rd party app and Zoom App.

Lockdown due to COVID-19

Since the lockdown began, due to Coronavirus COVID-19, many people, including government people, have to use the ZOOM app for Meetings and Conferences. Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh and BJP President Mr. J.P Nadda use the Zoom app for holding virtual meetings. The Congress Party has also its meeting and Press Conference on the Zoom App Platform.

Now, they advised use applications developed by National Informatics Center for official and video conferences. The Issue with Zoom App, took admin privileges to gain access to computer including the ability to access the user’s microphone and webcam.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic situation millions of people working from home, company meetings, online classes, the users of the Zoom App rises 15 million to 200 million in very less time.

Founder and CEO of Zoom App Eric Yuan wrote we did not design the Zoom App product for a broader set of users, but every person would working, studying from home suddenly. He apologized for the security flaws and promised to look into the concerns.

Insecure Platform

Access Confidential information such as details of meetings, secret data, and conversations.

Sending data without knowledge

Zoom is sending confidential data from the user’s computer to Facebook, even if the user wasn’t logged in to the Facebook account.

Encryption Technique

Zoom app did not use encrypted end-to-end for video calls. Zoom App use transport encryption, which is not secure end-to-end type encryption.

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The government includes the ways to hide IDs used for confidential meetings and enabling the requirement for safe and unique passwords. The authorized body restricts 3rd party or any other person to access a meeting that is called Zoombombing.

Users enter ID Number online, leave comments or share descriptive media using Zoom’s screen share feature. Ids relatively simple and has been automated.

Skyrocketing Growth of Zoom Video Conferencing App during COVID-19

The Zoom app originally meant for the enterprises, but due to the situation, it gained popularity in schools and among individuals. However, the Zoom app is trying hard to address the issues.

Zoom Video Conferencing App

  • MHA advised the creation of a new ID and Password for each meeting.
  • Waiting room feature, so that a new person can join the meeting once approved and admitted by the hosted person.
  • Disabling the option of joining a meeting before the host.
  • Disable Re-join the meeting feature
  • Only the host person enables the screen share option.
  • Locking the meeting once all attendees have joined it and restrict the feature of call recording.
  • Avoid a Denial of Service (DOS) attack, which is a cyber attack, to shut down a machine or network.

How to download Zoom App?

For downloading and installing the Zoom App, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to https://zoom.us/download
  • Click on the Download button under “Zoom Client For Meetings”.
  • Zoom app will automatically start downloading after your first Zoom Meeting


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